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Who are we? Our history

We are a Torrellenca family happy to have kept the house built by our ancestors, a stone house from its mountains and the mud from its valleys. Its walls breathe airs of 1879….

From 2004 to 2006 we decided to carry out the rehabilitation of Ca la Laia and here we explain how we started: More than 30 years ago we had rented Ca la Laia to a family from Barcelona, ​​they could only come in the summers, and more specifically in August. This reason meant that the non-existent heat of the house, and more specifically in the cold winters, was deteriorating, causing large cracks in the walls and other damage that was difficult to avoid.

I was the first to propose conditioning the house to try to rent it on some other occasion that during the rest of the year it might present itself to us. We did not give much thought to the idea, nor did we carry out any market research or business plan. Only what worried us was to stop the deterioration of the house and restore Ca la Laia the warmth it had lost the last 35 years.

My parents, grandparents and I had to leave her due to my grandfather Pep’s health reasons. He was unable to climb the stairs to go to the bedroom and bathroom and we had to move to a small house on the ground floor that my parents had built on the same Nord street. At the same time that we started with the reforms, we were thinking about the possibility of preparing the house, legalizing it as rural accommodation.

We informed ourselves well of the regulations and the necessary permits and without realizing it, we were building a cozy rural accommodation, currently Ca Laia. The lack of budget made the whole family participate.

The Manel with his “hands” to make any restoration in iron pieces, wood, work … he even dared to do all the electrical installation with the typical braided wire that was formerly used. I myself also acted as a painter, plasterer, upholsterer and any other need that arose. Even my mother painted the picture of grapes that you will find in the outer courtyard. It was very gratifying, although for 2 years we could not rest any day of the week, since we both had our work and we could only dedicate ourselves on weekends and holidays. Now, after the sacrifice made, we are very proud of the result and we can see how our clients detect the effort in every detail of our house.

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