Availability and booking

Check availability and tell us when you want to come to our house! Ask us for discounts for weekly or monthly stays.



How do we clean our house?

Our rural house is designed for small groups or families who will enjoy the exclusive space for them. No stay shared with other clients. The entries in the house, in no case will occur before 48 hours of the departure of the clients. We want to transmit the maximum tranquillity to our clients. At Ca la Laia we have often been recognized for the cleanliness in which we deliver the house. Now, more than ever, we have increased hygiene measures with alcoholic disinfectants (hydro alcoholic sanitizing for surfaces) and allowing the house to air for two days before entering new customers.

What will we find in the house?

Our house is for full rental, that is, we rent the entire house. It is necessary that you bring all the food and personal hygiene products.

The house has necessary accessories for the people who occupy it.

In the kitchen you will find tablets for the dishwasher. The coffee maker is Dolce Gusto. A scouring pad, cloth, 2 kitchen towels, 2 garbage bags, toaster, crockery, pans, trays, cutlery, pot, saucepan, saucepans, drainer and everything we consider necessary to be able to prepare meals during the stay.

The rooms have bed linen, 1 roll of toilet paper for each bathroom, 1 hair dryer to share and 1 bath towel per person and 1 hand towel per bathroom.

The house has the recommended comfort temperature. If you want to increase this temperature, or simply to enjoy the fireplace or pellet stove, we can provide wood for the fireplace at € 9-12.5 kg. and € 9 bag of pellets. Only charcoal can be used in the barbecue. Price of the bag, € 4.5.

The house has 2 fire extinguishers for your safety.

We have a folder with personalized information about the area and activities that can be carried out.

What services are there in town?

In the town you will find small shops to buy basic products that you may need: food, pastry, pharmacy, bar, restaurant, wine shop and an artisan dairy shop.

Organic vegetables

If during your stay you want to taste products from local crops, tomatoes, potatoes, onions … just let us know and we will put you in contact with the farmer so that you can find the purchase at home.

Obligations of the tenant:

You cant not smoke in any interior space of the house.

The tenant has the responsibility to leave the accommodation collected and presentable.

This includes that the dishes must be left clean, the refrigerator free of food residues and the garbage must be emptied.

It will not be possible to invite more people than the number on the reservation.

Please be respectful with the rest of the neighbours from 22.00 hours.

What time can we arrive and what time do we have to leave?

In the last confirmation email of the reservation, we ask you to advise the arrival time. In this way we can be waiting in the same house at the agreed time. The arrival time is normally from 5 pm, although it depends on the departure of clients prior to their arrival. The weekend departure is also until 5:00 p.m. (you can request to leave later, as long as the availability of the next day allows it). Reservations for whole weeks, departure is until 11.00 am.

Can we bring our animals?

Pets are allowed, but always check to clarify what type of animal it is and obtain authorization from Ca la Laia. There is a supplement of € 10 per stay for additional cleaning. In the case of bringing a pet, you are informed that it can never be left alone in the house, neither inside nor outside the patio. (Maximum weight of the animal, 5 kg).

Can we organize a party / event?

In our house we do not allow “disco-type” parties, nor carry external music devices (including speakers) in the house, nor place speakers or play music outside the accommodation. Nor celebrations that involve a number of people in the house greater than its maximum capacity. It is very important that you respect this point since we do not have legal authorization to do them.

Can you visit our house before making a reservation?

All the photographs and the information on the house that appears on the web faithfully correspond to the current and real situation of the house. If you have the concern of coming to visit us before formalizing the reservation, just ask us and we will find a day to make the visit.